Simon Wellness

My practice is focused on getting to the root cause of issues. I am passionate about seeing people healthy because I believe this is God’s will for everyone. Through my practice, I hope to give answers for what you’re struggling with, as well as the tools to equip you to thrive in your health!

Natural Primary Care

While the medical community works on symptoms, Dr. Acosta works at the root. She tests each individual’s genetics and designs a nutritional program around their DNA. Anti-aging and disease prevention medicine at the deepest level.

Alternative Wellness Center, LLC

An international organization of Kinesiology, naturopathy, supplementation, biofeedback, laser treatments, ozone sessions, bio-electric, foot detox, life coaching, etc. Long- distance treatment all over the world.

ProBio Wellness and Chiropractic

Dr. Tracey Huffman is a chiropractic kinesiologist in Newnan, GA. She sees patients in the clinic and virtually. She specializes in Wholistic Methylation and natural pain management.