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Sample reports below the video are exactly the same as you will get when you take the MyHappyGenes DNA test and order the reports..

 Mood and Personality Report. The mood and personality report will give you a relative risk of certain brain chemistry and mood imbalances. It also contains a gene table that can let you do an incredible amount of research into how each gene affects brain chemistry and personality.

*This report is the one that is included in the purchase of a test kit. All other reports (with the exception of the Diet and Lifestyle recommendations) require that you work with a practitioner. We do this to ensure that our customers have a trained professional to walk them through the information and be on hand to answer the questions we know will come up.

MHG® Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations. Based on the data our algorithm reveals, this report can determine the best possible diet and lifestyle approaches for you in alignment with your unique genetic makeup

MHG® My Healthy Genes Report. This report, available to licensed healthcare providers, identifies the genetic variants associated with the biochemical pathways and possible disease risks. 


MHG® Biochemical Pathway Analysis. This report allows your practitioner to fine tune your care to the most important biochemical pathways that are likely to be causing the most symptoms. This report is the basis for truly understanding how genes affect our biochemistry, including allergies, energy production, weight issues, cardiovascular issues, brain chemistry imbalances, detoxification, methylation and so much more. 

MHG® Personalized Supplement Recommendations. Due to the powerful results that these recommendations can achieve, this report will only be available through a MyHappyGenes licensed health care professional. Your Supplement Recommendations Report is based on the results of a questionnaire that you will take, combined with your genetic variants that you inherited. You will be given a score for each category of biochemical pathways in the body which you can track over time to see your progress.  The supplement recommendations will be your unique path to balancing out your physiology and reducing your risk of health challenges. 

How we’re different

The My Happy Genes DNA Test analyzes more genes than all of the competition.

Our private lab will sort through over 675,000 SNP’s.

Our powerful MHG-3D
3.0 technology assesses over 500 genes… and we add new relevant gene discoveries as soon as they are published.

My Happy Genes DNA kit

PRIVACY is incredibly important to us and our lab. Each test performed is identified only by the barcode on the test kit. Our lab will be deleting your sample 90 days after arrival and MyHappyGenes® site will always allow you to delete any information at any time.

The MHG® My Healthy Genes Report will give you amazing insights and clarity about exactly how your genes express themselves and are affecting the risk of many diseases.

How our test is simpler and easier

Many DNA testing companies require large amounts of saliva to be collected. Using a swab instead of spit is easier to use for many people, including small children.

If you’d like to take your own MyHappyGenes DNA test to have the full experience you can do so at any time. Just click the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions About MyHappyGenes ®

How Do I Access My Raw Data?

Once you get your DNA tested by MyHappyGenes, your results will be sent to you in an email when they are ready. If you are using AncestryDNA or 23andme, the raw data we are interested in is behind the scenes on their websites. You must log in to the website you got tested through and download the data to your desktop.

We used to use their DNA raw data for our reports but found the they were missing about half of the genes we needed to get an accurate reporting of your risks.  We test for over 675,000 SNP's they only test for about 40,000. . 
Certain genetic variants have shown that they are associated with how the body makes or breaks down neurotransmitters. These show a strong correlation with brain chemistry and/or mood in genome wide association studies. (GWAS). In other cases, we look at how well you absorb certain nutrients that are critical for making neurotransmitters. 
No, your genes remain the same, however the expression of your genes does change with diet, lifestyle, emotional events and supplementation.
No, your genes will not change. There is no need for further testing unless the testing service offers to test more genes. However, If you are working with a practitioner, you can retake the questionnaire and get a new supplement recommendation report. 
If you did not find the answer to one of your questions, please contact us (using the contact form below) and we're more than happy to answer!
We highly recommend using the MyHappyGenes® DNA test.  It was designed to give the most data on genes related to brain chemistry for the best price. Scroll up to the top of this page and click on the "Order my DNA kit" tab to get started!
No, we are only looking at a part of what is known as the exome. The exome is a small portion of the 20,000+ genes in the human body. We narrow this down to those affecting the body and the ability of the body to be healthy overall.  We test for over 675,000 SNP's or gene variants. The report you get will give you information on around 560 genes and we can add more as we learn more.
Yes, your genes are merely a blueprint and give you information about a risk factor. Many things can help prevent the expression of the genes that are associated with disease risks. Your diet, lifestyle, and supplements can affect your genes and how they will or will not express. This is called "epigenetics".
Yes, you can delete your personal data at any time.

To get information on how we  protect your data, click here

or for more information,  read our Privacy policy , it explains it in more detail.